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High quality custom parts at competitive prices.


All quotations are presented complete. All costs from start of production through delivery to your dock are factored in to the price we offer.


We save you time by managing all aspects of your order, from pre-production to final delivery. Stocking options are also available.


We maintain a select assortment of international and domestic factories that allow us to provide the quality you demand at the lowest possible price.

About Ramco

Ramco Associates was Incorporated in 1975. We began as a General Trading Company, specializing in sourcing from the Pacific Rim. Over the past four decades we have established ourselves as trusted business partners to many clients and producers around the world. Today Ramco is an Integrated Manufacturing Services company, with facilities in the United States, China, Taiwan, Thailand, & Korea.

Our Team:
Russell Howard – President
John Thornton – General Manager
Scott Mahan – Sales Lead

Ramco’s Strengths

Our organisation is designed around custom production with medium to high volume and labor content. When these important conditions are met, our cost structure allows us to be very competitive. With over 40 years of experience and a proven infrastructure, orders placed with Ramco are produced and delivered promptly and correctly. Our personnel provide all logistical services, including Quality Control, Inventory, and Transportation. Products ordered from Ramco are delivered to the Client’s facility ready for use. Purchasing from Ramco is as convenient as buying locally, and the savings can be significant!


Our Manufacturing facilities support a high level of product flexibility. We produce cast, forged, machined, and molded components for bearings, drivelines, magnets, pumps, valves, and many other products, from a variety of basic and hybrid materials.


Innovation is a continuing process at Ramco. We provide assistance with developing new products, improving existing ones, and streamlining procedures. You can depend on us to be entrepreneurial; We welcome new opportunities!


Strict adherence to inspection and testing requirements is maintained at all levels and certifications are provided with each shipment, as required. Whether you utilize an International Standard or an in-house specification, all QC programs are custom designed to fulfill your specific needs.


All quotations are presented complete, including transportation and customs charges. We save you time and money by reducing your logistics costs. From order entry to arrival at your dock, transactions are accomplished with integrity, economy, and accuracy.


Assorted Sample Parts Made By Ramco. Click an image to view our entire portfolio.

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